Innovation as a true source of value creation for companies is becoming increasingly important and provides competitive advantages in the market, where knowledge protection through Intellectual Property (IP) rights is the most valuable asset.

Thus, IP rights should be systematically analysed and monitored with ongoing supervision so that they can add value and be a distinguishing element of the innovation process.

However, these rights are currently becoming increasingly vulnerable to numerous ransomware cyberattacks (Wannacry, etc.) or, similarly, to breaches by employees or data leakage, creating a growing sense of insecurity in the markets.

Protecting your IP requires sound understanding of the existing vulnerabilities not only in its traditional protection and defence, but also at an IT level, in order to create a barrier, thus anticipating possible cyber threats.

It is crucial to design a cyber-approach to further protect and defend IP, allowing businesses to be cyber secure in protecting information and their systems.

With this new strategy, IP traditional protection and defence is ensured by defining an IP strategy (through patents, designs, distinctive signs, know-how, trade secrets, copyright, etc.), identification of confidential information according to corporate standards and policies, to create awareness among its users and, at the same time, define and implement multiple control processes.

At the systems level, it is important to work alongside companies that offer IT services, which guarantee an advantage in data transmission and encryption, as well as protection for accessing the memory during processing with firewalls and other barriers, as well as secured copies of the information.

To lock and protect your IP, is no longer an option: it is necessary to reinforce IP measures and cyber-security, without neglecting to inform all employees about the risks in the new era of the online market.

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